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User Interface Builders


Pocket VisualForms is a Windows desktop tool for visual design forms and PocketC for Palm code generation. Feature highlights:
  • Visual design with all common controls and multiple forms.
  • Project management.
  • Properties Editor for controls and forms, like many visual IDEs (Delphi, Visual Basic,...).
  • Generation of code for Palm memos or PocketC Desktop Edition (PDE).
  • Division of the code generated in sections to separate visual design from code of events.
  • Multi-libraries support: CControls and PToolboxLib.
  • Bitmap editor for graphic controls.
  • Cut, copy and paste of controls; Aligning and sizing of several controls at once.


Pocket Toolbox , by Joseph Stadolnik, is a native library containing an amazing number of routines for graphics, user interface, and miscellaneous system routines. Visit the Pocket Toolbox website for full details, but here are a few highlights:
  • User Interface - dynamic forms, dialogs, and form objects. Access to static form resources. Many specialty functions, such as text wrapping and multi-line editing, custom fonts.
  • Graphics - color and grayscale graphics, buffering, resource bitmap access, rectangle copy, polygons, intersection testing, bitmap collision detection, floodfill, plotting, scrolling
  • OS access - low level IR, fast record sorting and searching, GetURL, tone generation, backlight control, versions, battery info, preferences
CControls, by Mario Schlesinger, emulates most Palm OS controls and contains a well-implemented form editor:
  • supports tables and database-linked tables
  • supports real menus
  • supports dialog frames
  • all controls have palm pilot's standard outfit and behavior
  • customizable outfit for certain controls like edit fields
  • all control's contents are created dynamically (the number of added items is only limited by your pilot's memory)
  • easy to use: no need to initialize special environments
  • a small footprint (controls library uses about 12k / three memos)
guishot.gif (1534 bytes) PocketGui v1.3, by Klaus Rindtorff, enables programmers using PocketC to develop applications using a graphical user interface. The library supports 14 different user interface controls like buttons, menus, checkboxes and lists. A resource editor lets you create your controls interactively and saves them to a database. It also generates ready-to-use PocketC code for your application. Full source code included.

PocketGui2, by Rob Konigsberg, is a rewrite of PocketGui with added features, such as multi-line text edit, and improved lists. PocketGui2 requires PocketC Desktop Edition.

Alternate Documentation Formats

Version 7.0 docs are available in iSilo format thanks to Ken Pimple.

Version 6.0 and PToolBox quick reference is available, which contains a single page quick-ref with all PocketC and PToolbox function, along with two memos containing the same, thanks to Daniel Navarro.

Version 6.0 function reference is available in Palm Reader format, thanks to John Eriksson.

Version 5.0 PDF docs in Deutsch, thanks to Carsten Bollenbach.

Version 4.4 docs in Espanol, thanks to Diego Calp.

A memo pad version of the documentation was created by Kirk Israel. This also included a quick reference version which is helpful as a reminder once you've been using PocketC for a while. 

Native Libraries

Native libraries add additional functions to PocketC's built in features.

See this forum entry for helpful details on creating native libraries.

Name Description Author
PocketCNetLib Networking functions for modem/wireless connections Serg Koren
setdbe Full access to the Datebook database - finding, creating, and deleting appointments. Lars Lewejohann
xGrfxLib Adds color support to built in graphics functions. Gary A. Clark
Reusable Source Code

This is code specifically designed to be used within other applets.

Name Description Author
HndGoDrc An application skeleton making it easy to build professional apps including dynamic generation of Handango registration codes. Giorgio Palandri
Sort A sorting routine that works with simple types and can be expanded to use pseudo-structures Thad Frogley
CardLib A library for manipulation/drawing of playing cards. Rich Heslip
select A library for quick and easy pen selection. Martin Beattie
Buttons A simple library to add buttons to your applet. William Winn
Tips, FAQs, Tools

Ken Pimple - Contains a few apps and a tool for generating rich help displays.

Alien Bill PocketC Page - Source code, applets, BitmapBuddy (helps create PocketC bitmap strings), and PocketC references in memo format.

Convert 2 PocketC - A tool convert images into PocketC source code using bitmap strings and pixel calls.


Applets with Source Code

These applets have been created by users and contain source code. Many of them are useful for helping new users learn to better use PocketC.

Applet Description Author
Snake The classic "snake" game Alex Kizub
PDGA Dir PDGA Course Directory Rob Konigsberg
HPCALC An RPN calculator based on the venerable HP-41 Scott T. Schad
LapTimer A full-featured lap timer with very large digit display, and some hardware advise for creating an external lap button Giuseppe GANIO
Analog Clock A simple analog clock Kostas Manetakis
PocketDimension An excellent RPG-type game, with plenty of graphics. Pocket Dimension Team
Shopper A shopping list maker Farnschlader
EuroC Euro currency calculator/converter Farnschlader
Chess clock A chess clock Thad Frogley
Safty Match Strategy game. Try to force the CPU (Rommy) to cross off the last match. Graham Oakes
Pocket Piano A freeware PocketC-based Piano for the Palm Pilot. Barry Christian
Concentration Concentration version 1.0. Jason Simpson
PalmRule A measuring, unit conversion applet. Barry Christian
clayout A tool to help you layout your text. Thomas Waelti
Lunar Lander The classic, text-based game. Robert Dupuy
Metronome 1.3a Metronome is an instrument which generate repeated beat tone at a constant interval. This program simulates graphically a traditional mechanical metronome.Online help is provided by this software. Andy Chan
grfunc A library (source code) for drawing a graph and plotting points. Also contains several functions for counting/positioning items in a memo/db. Martin Beattie
Pixit 1.2 A PocketC bitmap editor that doubles as a version of PicCross - a puzzle game in which you select pixels in an image based on row/col clues Timothy J. Lipetz
NeverMind 1.2 An excellent MasterMind game. Timothy J. Lipetz
RunNums 1.0 A simple game of moving a cursor around a grid of numbers trying to cover the whole screen Timothy J. Lipetz
Graph 2D A 2 dimensional graphing package Alice Campbell
MemoData 1.0 Calculates the lines, words, and characters of a given PilotMemo. Chris Hamilton
Mandelbrot 1.1a A Mandelbrot fractal viewer Carlos Baquero
Roulette 1.0 A less dangerous version of Russian Roulette Carlos Baquero
Eval 0.9 An evaluation tracking program Carlos Baquero
FourCell A fun implementation of FreeCell -- and it's free! John Vann
SDraw A simple structural drawing program Terje Saether
Dice A dice applet with several different die configurations (6-sided, 10 sided, etc.) Generates random numbers. warezird

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