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NOTE: PocketC for Windows CE is no longer being supported or maintained.

PocketC for WindowsCE is an easy-to-use development tool for WindowsCE-based devices. PocketC is available in two forms: a device-based compiler, and a desktop environment.  The device-based compiler supports many versions of CE devices including PocketPC, HPC2000, HPCPro, PalmsizePC and HandheldPC.


  • Simple language to learn and program 
  • True (non-native) compiler, allowing you to save/share only the compiled applet if desired 
  • Invisible data-type conversions to ease programming 
  • Rich function library including graphics, sound, database, file, and serial I/O 
  • String data type (which is, sadly, missing from C) 
  • Generating CPU independent software with extremely small file size.  
  • Dynamic memory allocation 
  • COM support - allow you to call COM objects on the CE devices

PocketC for CE Platforms

PocketC is all you need to create and run applications directly on your CE OS-based device, no computer required. Create your source code on the device, compile it with PocketC, and run your application directly from the PocketC application.
  • Simple source code editor
  • Quickly jump to compile errors
  • Built-in CE function helper



PocketC for Desktop

PocketC Desktop Edition is the desktop complement to PocketC, allowing you do develop CE OS applications on you desktop computer. In addition to all the benefits of PocketC, the Desktop Edition adds the following:

  • Basic syntax-highlighting editor
  • Function parameter help for builtin functions
  • Function list (drop down listing a functions in the current file)
  • Function pruning, to remove unused functions from the output file

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