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PocketC is available for purchase through ShareIt. After you register (within 48 hours, but usually about 20 minutes), you will receive an email containing a registration code (for PocketC) and/or a download link (for PocketC Dekstop Edition).

We also offer quantity discounts for educational institutions. Contact us for details.

Product Price  
PocketC for Palm OS $18.50 Sold out!
PocketC Desktop Edition $30.00 Sold out!
PocketC AND PocketC Desktop Edition $45.00 Sold out!

You can pay via credit card, cash, check, or wire transfer - when you go to checkout, click the "Info" link next to the payment options for details. If you are interested in purchases via fax, click the link above. When you click "Quickbuy", at the bottom of the order page will be a link title "I prefer to order by fax".

For questions or comments, please email dewey@orbworks.com

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