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PocketC Architect is the evolution of PocketC. PocketC Architect uses the same advanced OrbC compiler and runtime developed for OrbForms Designer, with enhancements to allow it to compile classic PocketC applications. In the tradition of classic PocketC, PocketC Architect is available in both a Palm-based compiler and a Windows development environment.


  • Powerful, familiar C-like language
  • Full support for objects, inheritance, and interfaces
  • Debug language features (logging, asserts, debug-only code)
  • Rich object-based APIs
  • Support for native add-ins (custom functions and objects)
  • Automatic form resize on compatible devices
  • Compatible with projects created in OrbForms Designer
  • Compatible (with minimal effort) with PocketC source code

PocketC Architect Desktop Edition

The PocketC Architect development environment provides all the tools you need to efficiently write your application code:
  • Intelligent source code editor
  • Source code browser, listing all the functions, methods, objects, and structures in the current file
  • QuickDocs for the symbol under the cursor
  • Code completion for variables, functions, members, and methods
  • Calltips for methods and functions
  • Automatic upload to the emulator after building a project

The desktop edition can also build standalone applications and resource-only applications, and comes with a command-line compiler.

PocketC Architect for Palm OS

The Palm version of PocketC Architect allows you to compile on-the-go. PocketC Architect provides the following features:
  • Compile PocketC Architect, classic PocketC, or OrbForms Designer applications
  • Hide or show classic PocketC source code
  • Compile from Memo or PDOC files
  • Edit source code with your favorite editor
  • Jump to source code line on error
  • Detailed compile status
  • Compiled applications are always run from OS app launcher

PocketC Architect requires OS 5.0, due to the memory needed for the enhanced compiler. Applications created with PocketC Architect can run on OS 3.0 and higher.

Runtime Environment

PocketC Architect creates Palm applications either as standalone applications (desktop edition only), or as smaller applications that require the OrbC runtime. Which way you distribute your application is up to you.

The OrbC runtime environment provides access to the Palm OS and the hardware through functions and objects. Currently, there is full support for databases, memo pad entries, string manipulation, user interface objects (forms, menu, controls, images), data structures (string lists, and string dictionaries), saved preferences, math functions, sound, dates, networking, VFS, serial I/O, and color drawing with off-screen buffering.

System Requirements

  • Windows 98/Me or Windows 2000/XP
  • Internet Explorer 4 (for help system)
  • Palm OS 5.0 or higher (for compiler)
  • Palm OS 3.0 or higher (for runtime)

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