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Development Tool
Name Description
Launch Pad Launch pad will allow you to turn PocketC applet into an executable with icons, short cuts keys, and more !!!
PocketC Form Visual front end for creating PocketC applications on Windows CE handheld devices. The entire application is designed visually on your handheld device, and then is saved as a PocketC source file complete with all code to run the application including control initialisation and event processing.
DelC DelC is an integrated development enviroment for Pocket C applications, allowing rapid application development.
PocketC Windows CE Keyboard

A keyboard utility generates PocketC function names for Palm users.

PocketC Taskbar Utility a small collection of tools to add sip handling support and tray icon support to your applets
Example Library
Name Description
Reversi A fun and simple popular board game by Dave Derrick.
Sokoban A very interesting puzzle board game by Ronald F. Lens
Ken's Calculator A simple calculator with additional unit conversion features by
 Ken Bell
Ralf's Calendar A useful calendar control for PocketC users by Ralf Schieferdecker


Set of useful math functions by MVP. 
database Basic and Advanced Database functions that allow users to add, delete, read and more by Daniel Mathieux
serial show you show to transfer data through serial io.

arbitrary precision library

This source code library offers you functions to perform the basic operations (+, -, *, =, comparison) with integers with an arbitrary number of digits, and with floatring point mumbers with arbitrary precision
multidimensional array This library overcomes this weakness with easy-to-use substitutes that are simple to create and behave just like real multidimensional arrays in "real" C would.
Helpful Links
Name Description
Sundial Soft A great site to visit for starters to learn programming PocketC.  It has information for graphic, installation, pointers and more)
Plus, go get spacetreker from this site! Awesome game!
Cute Install A simple installation wizard that creates cab files and installers.  It is free.
EzSetup A free (open source) installation creator.  It takes cab files and compress them into one single installer executable. (see PocketC all-in-one installer)
Write Cab Files A document that teaches people that how to write INF files which can be used to create cab files.  
Color/Grayscale A conversion table
Device Spec There are many devices on the market.  Here is a nice spec  table for older devices

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