Sokoban By Ronald F. Lens Hit Counter
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Sokoban is the most challenging PocketC game I played.  It is written by Ronald F. Lens, who also wrote PipeGuy as well.  I have lost contact with Ronald since his links are broken.  

The game play is simple.  You are represented as a tiny person . With your strength, you can only push one block at a time.  Just push all the boxes to the target .  However the game is not as simple as its rules.  There are obstacles like walls and other boxes .   

Download ( 40k ) -- just download to your device and run pocketc runtime and you will be able to launch the game by double click on its icon. -- full source code with resource files.  I updated the original source code so it takes advantage the new resource packing feature in PocketC2.0.  All the resource files are written into one application.  It makes software distribution easier.

Note: Sokoban's UI is designed for Handheld PC and HPC Pro.  If you are a PPC user, and have extra time, feel free to redo the UI and make a version for PPC.

Screen Capture