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OrbForms Designer
Version 4.1.3 2007-11-06
PocketC Architect
Version 4.1.3 2007-11-06
PocketC (Palm OS)
Version 7.1.4 2007-11-06



Welcome to the home of OrbWorks Concentrated Software, makers of PocketC, PocketC Architect, and OrbForms Designer.

Latest News
CarbonFin Outliner released for iPhone and iPod Touch 2008-07-11

Our friends at CarbonFin have just released CarbonFin Outliner for the iPhone and iPod Touch. From their site:

CarbonFin Outliner allows you to organize your thoughts, tasks, and projects. Eliminate your need for that bulky paper planner and all those sticky notes. Easily create a todo list for today, or track an entire project anywhere you are.

If you are using one of these new devices, be sure to take a look.

OrbForms/Architect 4.1.3 and PocketC 7.1.4 Released 2007-11-06

OrbForms Designer v4.1.3, PocketC Architect v4.1.3, and PocketC v7.1.4 are available. This release fixes a bug in reading files that affected all products.

OrbForms/Architect 4.1.2 Released 2007-03-12

OrbForms Designer v4.1.2 and PocketC Architect v4.1.2 are available. Version 4.1.2 adds the OrbSound native add-in, which supports playing WAVE files. The device-based PocketC Architect no longer creates invalid apps if there is already an existing app with the same creator ID but different name.

This build was re-released on 2007-03-12 due to a build issue. If installed the software, but it displayed an error rather than running, please download the refreshed bits.

StyleTap 2006-12-27

Apps created with PocketC, PocketC Architect, and OrbForms Designer can now be run on PocketPC using the StyleTap Platform. Also, for users who have converted to using PocketPCs, you can run PocketC Architect using StyleTap and still develop on your device.
Runs on StyleTap

OrbForms/Architect 4.1.1 Released 2006-08-19

OrbForms Designer v4.1.1 and PocketC Architect v4.1.1 are available. Version 4.1.1 fixes a regression in DBRecord.read() that caused errors when reading strings.

OrbForms 4.1.0 Released 2006-08-19

OrbForms Designer v4.1.0 is available. Version 4.1.0 adds several new features and fixes many bugs.

  • Added launchGoto() and launchCustomString() to launch external apps with parameters
  • Added Database.dbid and Database.card to retrieve the low level location of a database
  • Added UIApp.launchArgs to retrieve the string used when launching the app
  • Added UIField.underline to set the underline style of a field
  • Made the 'visible' property on controls readable
  • Added an 'enabled' property to most controls

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