PocketC Mini-Keyboard by Ralf Schieferdecker
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PocketC Keyboard is a little Palm-size PC Keypad with all PocketC-Functions ,Constants and User defined Functions


Palm-size PC (MIPS) 

Palm-size PC(SH3)

Download cab file direct to your device and launch it there.  Please read the Work Log

License Term
By downloading and installing PocketC Mini-Keyboard, you agree to the following terms concerning usability and liability.

PocketC Mini-Keyboard is Copyright 1998-1999 by Ralf

We are not responsible for any damage to the user's computer system or data and in no event will Kevin Cao, Jeremy Dewey and PocketC Mini-Keyboard

Kevin Cao 10/10/1999

Screen Capture

Keys on PCK

Key on PCK

Description and link to Description
Cons Console
Draw Draw
Event Event
File File Functions
GUI Graphic User Interface
MATH Math Functions
REG Registry Functions
SER Serial IO
SYS System Functions
SND Sound Output
STRG String Functions
TIME Time Functions
DB Database Functions
MEM Memory Functions
USER User defined Functions

Example and Screen Capture
Use the PCK Buttons [User] -> include PCHEADER.H

then input the following Code:

click on

the right Window opens:


then Select the Type of Control how you want in (the Example: COMBOBOX)
and make a rectangle with the Pen (this Rectangle shows the dimension of the selected Control)

-> OK

  the Textfield shows the sourcecode of the control
the sourcecode is now generated and you can run your applett:

very easy

Work Log

Version 1.0 (28.10.1999)
- includes a simple GUI-Builder
- Bugs: if the GUI-Builder open then dont switch the Input keyboard (the GUI-Builder will not bee closed)

Version 0.9 (10.101999)
- Access to all PocketC functions
- All PocketC Constants defined in PoctetC.h