Platform File Size
PPC(MIPS,SH3) ppcsetup.exe 799KB

*Note: We highly recommend you to have a PalmExplorer on your Palm-size PC.  It is essential to do file management for PocketC files, and Applets.   There is a free PalmExplorer that can be found on

PocketC runtime
The runtime only version of PocketC is for those who have no desire to compile applets, but want to run someone else's applet. Using this version saves memory, since the compiler has been removed. This version is freeware and may be distributed freely by developers, but only in its entirety.

PocketC Runtime(MIPS,SH3) pocketcrt.exe 293KB

*Known Problem with TaskBar:

Microsoft Documentation "
The Palm-size PC desktop includes a taskbar that contains a Start menu, an Input Panel button, a Desktop button, and a date and time annunciator panel. Because taskbars do not contain buttons for running applications, users cannot switch between applications by pressing a taskbar button. Instead, users launch new applications or reactivate idle applications using the Start menu or by pressing application-switching buttons found on the device casing.

Special Version that works with Microsoft's WinCE SDK emulator.  

Emulator version ppcemulator.exe 374KB (MFC dll included) Emulator