These PocketC HPC downloads require that the MFC DLLs be installed in your /windows directory of your HPC. Many HPCs already have these files, so they are not included in the primary install files.

WinCE2.11 MFCDLL (SH3 - MIPS - SH4 - ARM)

Platform File Size MFC Dlls Test Platform
pcsetup.exe 506KB (SH3)

old version

pcsetup.exe 564KB For WindowsCE 1.0


For WindowsCE 1.1


PocketC runtime
The runtime only version of PocketC is for those who have no desire to compile applets, but want to run someone else's applet. Using this version saves memory, since the compiler has been removed. This version is freeware and may be distributed freely by developers, but only in its entirety.

Platform File Size
HPC2.0(MIPS,SH3) PocketCrt.exe 352.KB

Special Emulator edition that works with Microsoft WinCE SDK emulator.  We don't provide any support for the emulator version.  It is here purely because certain advanced users asked for it. 

HPC Emulator hpcemulator.exe 393KB (MFC Dll included) Emulator