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Hello there,

I am not sure if I am in the right Forum, and if not, I hope somebody can direct me to the one that I need to be in.

My problem is this: I have created some Conduits for my user's Palm Pilots - these conduits are bundled into a wise installation and I am trying to prevent as much user intervention as possible. Instead of using the Install/QuickInstall tool from Palm to designate these new conduits to be installed onto the Palm, I am trying to have my Wise Installation physically put them into the appropriate folder - that way the user doesn't have to.

I have discovered that the folder effected by QuickInstall is %MAINDIR%\Program Files\Palm\%UserName%\QuickInstall\Handheld
Now, on the root of \QuickInstall\ there is a file called FileList.DAT which contains the location of the conduits. My wise installation can put the conduits in the \HandHeld\ and I can replace the FileList.dat - but when the user HotSync's - the Conduits never install! I am missing something - maybe a DLL or something. If I go back and run QuickInstall and ADD the files again, even though they are already listed - HotSync, it works. Can someone help?:(
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